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Red Flush and The Seven Symptoms

Inspired by Fairy Tales and how seemingly benign stories often turn out to have hidden messages. It has intrigued me that from birth we scare our children, especially baby girls, with tales of being eaten by witches in the forest or to beware the ‘step mother’, or stranger bearing gifts. Often these tales relate to the girls reaching puberty, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood etc, and the perils that will befall them on reaching this stage. I have extrapolated this to look at the menopause, this is another scary time in a women's life.

I have created Red Flush and the Seven Symptoms, using Hi Vis pink tops and borrowing from Snow White to label/name my tops. I choose bright pink because yellow hi vis is so ubiquitous that they don't stand out anymore, also bright pink is often the colour I turn when I have a flush. I want to look at this time with a humours slant, hoping to debunk some of the myths, and trying to encourage women to own this time in their life.

Red Flush & The Seven Symptoms

Using the game Operation as a vehicle I have created the ‘Menopausal Game’ redesigning the box cover and the inside and inventing new rules.

Menopause Game

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