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Drawing with a Glue Gun

Mark making with a glue gun.

I have become interested in invisibility, people who become invisible, old people, homeless people middle aged women. There are also people who want to be invisible. I was listening to a play recently it was about a burglar who reasoned that if he didn't want people to notice him he would wear a high vis bib. The theory being that the more visible he was the more people would ignore him. I think this works in this country as we are a nation who is reticent about confrontation.

My other fascination is with shadows an invisible person casts a shadow like anyone else.

So I have started experimenting with drawing with a glue gun. I first experimented with mark making, dripping, dragging, flicking with the gun. My aim is to make impressions of people on paper either by embossing or by drawing directly on to the paper with the glue gun. When I have drawn on to a silicone sheet you can peel away the dried glue.

Setting off for  walk.
Glue on to foil

My shadow while walking the dog, the other day. Love the strong lines and the way that detail is lost but a strong impression is made. Bought a better glue gun itching to start using it will update the blog with how I got on.

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