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Drawing with Glue Gun 2 Selfie & Shadows

Louise in blossom

I have been thinking about invisibility and middle age and the premise that the 'Selfie' is the vehicle for the young, famous and beautiful. Then I thought about Shadow and how you have no idea how old the person is or how beautiful they are all there is is your body shape which, at this time of year, is nicely elongated. I then started observing how you can cast a shadow over loads of different surfaces. Casting a shadow is quite a negative phrase, meaning 'to ​spoil a good ​situation with something ​unpleasant' but I'm using the 'cast' to throw my image out there as something positive.

So out on my walk this morning I 'cast my shadow' and captured my image. Here I am in blossom! I could alter the surface depending on my mood, a muddy surface to represent a bad mood or a flowery surface to represent a good mood. Realise that I can have a whole new persona represented by my shadow.

Glue Selfie

I have also taken Selfies with photo booth on my computer I usually shy away from this but there are some great filters that I have been playing with. (see below). I have continued to use the glue gun to draw images of myself which I can peel away from the silicone and place on the wall. Like the way the glue gun can be trailed to give very fine lines and the limited mark making, that can be made as it takes quite a lot of pressure to squeeze the glue out and in some ways you do not have much control of the flow but think I have made an effective first go.

At the computer Selfie

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