I am in my second year of an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, having previously trained and worked as a silversmith, jeweller and enameller link to my jewellery website. 



The focus of my art practice has shifted slightly because of COVID, in that I am now investigating the processes spaces and tools found within the home and everyday aesthetics.  Through boredom and repetition rituals developed and I looked at my domestic environment afresh and the everyday activities in my household became my process.



I became conscious of the materiality and functionality of the tools found within my kitchen which have moulded to my hands over time.  Through a combination of mark making, printing, drawing, photography, video and animation I am exploring the boundaries of what materials and processes can be used to make artwork, along with challenging the art and craft debate. 



I naturally gravitate towards printmaking as I enjoy the process of reproducing an image multiple times and experimenting with it.  I have photographed domestic utensils then reimagine them in photoshop, enjoying the spontaneity afforded by layering, altering colours and applying filters. As a direct result of COVID my practice has become bolder and more vibrant banishing the grey relentlessness of lockdown.


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