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As a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Fine Art (2021), I bring a rich background in silversmithing, jewellery design, and enamelling into my artistic journey. 

My artistic focus has undergone an evolution, particularly influenced by the shifting landscape brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This period prompted a deeper exploration of the processes, spaces, and tools inherent within the home and the aesthetics of the everyday. It was amidst moments of monotony and repetition that I found inspiration, viewing my domestic environment with renewed perspective, and transforming mundane household activities into integral components of my creative process.

Central to my practice is an acute awareness of the materiality and functionality imbued within the tools of my kitchen, which have organically shaped themselves to the contours of my hands over time. Utilising a diverse array of mediums including mark making, printing, drawing, photography, video, and animation, I endeavour to push the boundaries of traditional materials and processes in art creation. Through this exploration, I aim to challenge conventional notions surrounding the art versus craft discourse, blurring the lines between the two realms.

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